Review of the Oriental Prosperity slot game, a new slot game from the popular camp like PG SLOT that will transport you to the past with a member of the Chinese royal family who enjoys sketching and his loyal maid. However,

because the emperor commanded the lord to marry the general’s daughter, the skies do not take sides. The servant girl was so depressed that she died of grief. The manager knew this and was devastated. Cancel the wedding and devote the rest of your life to painting. Always, he painted maids surrounded by breathtaking scenery. It is thought that one of these images concealed the location of the diamond that the master gave to the girl.

Participate in an exciting treasure quest in Oriental Prosperity.

The riddle has not yet been solved. whether the master genuinely concealed the clue inside the image A magnificent gem that was kept for the maid he cherished. The game’s ambience is reminiscent of antique artwork. Provides both a sense of calm and the excitement of puzzle-solving. The Chinese brush painting and sound effects will undoubtedly enhance your playing experience.

Know him, know us, wager one hundred times and win one hundred times.

Already discussing the aesthetics and layout of the game. The symbols in the game are of the biggest importance to the gambler, and they will not be overlooked. Because repeatedly spinning without understanding which symbol is beneficial for us is akin to drifting aimlessly in the water, I do not know which direction to turn. Let’s add some direction to your wagers by first familiarizing ourselves with the game’s symbols.

Symbols in the slot game Oriental Prosperity

The Oriental Prosperity Ancient Paintings slot game has 5 rows and 6 reels with a 96.75% RTP.

There are thirteen symbols in the game, and their reward rates vary based on the amount wagered.

Master sign pays off at the greatest rate.

maid symbol A supplementary payout rate exists.

Treasure chest icon A third payment rate exists.

fruit basket symbol There is a fourth-ranked payout rate.

jar icon has the seventh highest payoff rate

ancient textual icon It is sixth in payout rate.

How many A, K, Q, J, and 10 symbols have a payment rate that is smaller than the payout rate for the six ranks above?

The Wild symbol appears exclusively on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 and substitutes for all other symbols. except for the Scatter

Scatter symbols Some symbols that fill two to four positions count as one symbol for determining payouts.

The characteristics of Oriental Prosperity

Wilds-on-the-Way during slot machine spins some symbols All symbols (except Wild and Scatter symbols) occupying two to four positions on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 may be surrounded by a silver frame.

Multiplier for Dispersed Symbols

If one or more scatter symbols appear, the win multiplier is multiplied by two for each scatter symbol that occurs before to a payment.

free spins

If you land four scatter symbols, you receive eight free games. If Scatter symbols occur during Free Spins, you will receive a 2x multiplier and 1 free spin. Consistent profit, tremendous value

Feature Buy

You may purchase extra bonuses by clicking the Feature Buy button, which is a neat and popular feature among gamblers.


Payline victories in Oriental Prosperity games range from 2025 to 32400. Total winnings are determined by multiplying the amount of symbols that occur from left to right across the reels. And then multiplied by the bet type selected by the player. At the conclusion of the game, the symbols burst and allow fresh symbols to descend from the top reel to begin a new round.

Simply up to try Oriental Prosperity for free.

The Oriental Prosperity slot game is regarded as one of the slot games to investigate because, if you can decipher the slot’s code by spinning the reels, you will be able to uncover priceless treasures like as jackpots and bonuses. It was as though he had discovered a master who was a hidden jewel. Apply for membership on the PG or LINE@ website, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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